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Dara Simons

Web Designer and Mom of 2

1. I grew up in NJ and while I 💕 the northeast, I’m a Midwesterner for sure now!

2. I hate squirrels. Like passionately… they just stare at you with their crazy little eyes, plotting to take over the world…

3. I made my first website 18 years ago in college. I hated it and swore I would never make another website again. Guess the jokes on me…

A Bit of History

When I started my business 7 years ago, I didn’t have any big dreams. In fact, I call myself an accidental business owner. I started helping people with their websites and working online because I needed a way to bring in extra income while I travelled fulltime with my husband. If I brought in an extra $500 a month, I would have been ecstatic!

I never in a million years could have imagined what that little side hustle would turn into…
… that I’d be able to help so many different businesses with their websites (sometimes as many as 5 a week!)
… that I’d be able to fully support our family’s dreams and passions working two days a week
… that I’d be a better wife and mom because I was chasing after my dreams and using my talents to help others.

Not everyone starts a business to earn a million dollars. In fact, some of us start just because we love the possibilities a business opens up for our lives. Go after your own dreams… don’t let some online guru tell you what your dreams are supposed to be! Here’s to chasing our OWN dreams together, friend!


“Dara Simons is a creative genius who develops websites that attract readers, newsletter subscribers, and book buyers.”

Karyn Almendarez

Two Time Author

“I love the step by step process you established that created a website which aligned with my brand in look and content. “

Claire Solorio


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