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How to create landing pages before you have a website
Website Tips

How to Install a Free SSL with Siteground

Do you know that 82% of people won’t visit a site is labeled as not secure? That means if you don’t have an active SSL on your website, you’re going to loose almost all of

Website Tips

5 Things Every Coach’s Website Needs

I offer free 20 minute strategy sessions to new members of my Facebook group. It’s a great way to get to know them and their business, while helping them talk through questions they have about

learn how to create a Wordpress website the easy and fast way
Website Tips

Do I want WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

You want a website- a real website- a WordPress website! So you Google “WordPress website”. The top link says “WordPress.com: Create a Free Blog or Website”. Sweet! Your very own website FOR FREE!!! Or is

Branding & Web Design Portfolio

Branding & Web Design for Making Waves Social Media

Branding, copywriting, and web design for Making Waves Social Media was a labor of love for sure! Terryl needed a professional brand and website to launch her social media management and marketing company.  Terryl and

Mompreneur Tips

The Best Way to Discover Your Ideal Client

Frustrated with everyone telling you that you need to find your ideal client? You’re not alone. Thousands of new entrepreneurs struggle with discovering their ideal client. They fill out every ideal client questionnaires, but still

How to create a Wordpress website the simple way
Mompreneur Tips

The Biggest Branding Mistake (and how to avoid it)

Turquoise. That was the color I choose for my first go round at branding my tech VA business. You know why? It’s my favorite color. That’s it. There was absolutely no strategy behind it other