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Branding and web design for Graphite and Grace was my absolute favorite project of 2018! Claire is a communications consultant with a heart full of faith and love! Her PR agency is family-centered, and her brand and website needed to show it!

Claire and I worked together for a couple months to make sure we were creating the perfect image for her business.  I’m so excited to share the aspects of the final project today. 

Before I talk about the different aspects of Claire’s brand and web design, here’s a look at her brand board, including her logos, brand keywords, color palette, fonts and stock images. 

The Client

Claire Winson, a communications consultant with a background in PR.

The Brand

Graphite and Grace is a public relations agency for family-owned businesses. Claire concentrates on representing businesses that she can share with her nine year old son (you know I love that so much!)

When we first started on this project, Claire was focused on working with high achieving female entrepreneurs. Through the branding process, she realized that her ideal client was a family-centered business. It was like a light bulb went off and everything changed for her!

This is a prime example of why your branding needs to be steeped in strategy! If I had designed a brand and website for Claire around who she thought she wanted to work with, her business would not have flourished! Everything would be targeted at reaching a group of people that she really didn’t want to work with!

Brand Words

Faith-driven, family business, family-focused, home-grown, time-honored connections

The Package

Single page web design 

The package included: 

Brand Identity Design

  • Logo design
  • Color palette
  • Font combination
  • Stock image 

Web Design

  • Single page website design
  • Copywriting assistance

The Branding

When Claire and I were diving into her branding, we kept coming back to the concept of Americana. The thoughts of time-honored traditions and family values just kept coming up again and again in our conversation. 

The red and blue in her color palette are a nod to Americana. The two browns reminded me of wheat fields that fill the Midwest. The gray helped tie the whole palette together. 

After putting together the perfect color palette for Claire, I searched for stock images that represented these colors well. I wanted images that represented the faith and family values well. 

I’m always looking for stock images that will emotionally connect with my client’s ideal client. For that reason, stock images have got to include people! That’s what gets our emotions engaged. 

The Website

Claire had a DIY’ed website and branding when we started working together. During our intial consult, Claire told me she knew she needed a new website because she was never actually wanted to send any potential clients to her current one! (Website shame is real, y’all!)

Here’s a look at what her homepage looked like before I designed her new one. 

Since Claire provides copywriting services professionally, she wrote her own copy for her website. I was so excited to see how the branding brought her beautiful messaging to life.

Claire had this to say, ” As a writer I thought the copy was most important to a website, but I’ve realized something. When I first saw my brand board I instantly felt relaxed and calm – the colors and images immediately set that mood. Realizing what I DO and who I AM matters. ALL PR websites look the same, they’re cold and condescending. My words could even seem insincere if not paired with your perfect backdrop!”

You can see images from her project in my portfolio but here’s a sneak peek. 

I’m so excited with how the Graphite and Grace website turned out, especially with how the branding, copy, and design all work together so effortlessly. This is why it’s so important to work with a web designer who knows how to create a cohesive brand and website. 

If you’re ready to get a website that captivates client hearts by having copy that connects, better branding, and a website that wows, let’s talk! To find out more about my branding and web design packages, click the button below. 

What's your favorite element of the branding and web design for Graphite and Grace? 

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