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Your kids are running around batty, you have work to do, and all you want to do is get that image to go where you want it to go on your website!!!!

Ever just wish you could have someone bail you out on the little things about your website you can’t figure out?

Now you can! 

I have a limited number of website rescue spots available each month. 

What does that mean for you?

  • No more pulling your hair out and wasting time on your website!
  • You’ll never have to worry about an update breaking your site again!
  • You’ll have an on call website fairy to fix all those little things about your website that drive you bonkers. 

What are some things I can help you with?

  • Making sure your plugins, theme, and WordPress stay up to date so your site stays secure
  • Fixing issues on your menu, footer, or sidebar so your site looks amazing
  • Updating existing pages with new images or text so you can spend time on the parts of your business you love!
  • Adding a popup to get more email subscribers

What are some things that are not covered in this package?

  • Designing new pages for you (check out my Services and I’ll get you hooked up with an amazing new page!)
  • Hacked websites (I’ll refer you to an amazing specialist for this)


For just $250 you can have 4 hours of my time to use whenever you need it- with no expiration! 

Ready for the help you deserve? Fill out the form here and I’ll be in touch to get you set up. 

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Happy Clients

Hiring Dara has definitely been one of the most savvy investments I’ve made in my coaching business! She is able to do in minutes what would normally take me hours to do, which has freed up so much of my valuable time! Dara is trustworthy, easy to work with and I’m so happy I found her.
Michelle headshot
Michelle Marie
Put Your Passion to Work
Dara was able to understand what I needed done in my website and was able to deliver quickly and with excellence. I’m thrilled that I found her after I had struggled to get proper help with my website! I highly recommend Dara and her services!
Sherry Collier
Sherry Joy Collier

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