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For solopreneurs ready for a brand that shows the world they mean business!


Start with the Brand Boost Workshop

Tired of the Cookie Cutter Approaches to Business?

Your business and life are unique; you don’t need yet another one size fits all marketing strategy.

During your in-depth Brand Boost Workshop, we’ll uncover everything about your business – where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going.

After our call, I’ll craft a unique brand guidebook for you with clear next steps so you can start bringing your vision to life and making a bigger impact!

You can either choose to put the plan into action yourself, or hire me to take care of it for you. The plan itself is a valuable guide for you and your business, so you win either way.

Investment: $350*

*The cost of the Brand Boost is applied to the full project when you decide to move forward.

What Clients Say

“I want to cry it was SO GOOD! I really love the bird’s eye view of my business, you’ve given me so much clarity on the exact things that I was struggling with!”

Amanda Kuchlenz

Social Media Ads Strategist

“I went from feeling defeated and insecure about my brand, and honestly myself, to landing new clients less than 1 week! I gained so much clarity about what my brand is offering and who I am as a coach. It was so empowering and completely worth the investment.”

Emily Rayburn

Enneagram Coach for Couples

Bringing Your Brand to Life

Once we’ve completed your Brand Boost, I’ll recommend the best package based on your guidebook and personal business goals. Below is an overview of what each package may include. Every project includes branding, copywriting, web design, and tech integration. 


Brand Launch

Perfect for clients who are just bringing their businesses online and need a solid foundation to launch their business. 

This can include a logo, color palette, and starter website. 


* Paid in 2 installments. Previous payment from the Brand Boost is applied to the cost

Brand Ignite

Perfect for clients who have outgrown their brand and are ready for a brand makeover to take them to the next level.

This can include a logo, color palette, full web design, and email marketing strategy.


* Paid in 2 installments. Previous payment from the Brand Boost is applied to the cost
The most popular package because it fulfills the needs of most growing businesses!

Brand Propel

This is a rebrand like no other! This package is perfect for the solopreneur serious about taking their marketing to the next level. 

This can include everything from the Brand Ignite package, plus social media content strategy and monthly consultation calls to keep you on track.



* Paid in 2 or 3 installments.Previous payment from the Brand Boost is applied to the cost

What Clients Say

“Thanks to Dara Simons for a beautiful message-focused website. She spent a lot of time digging into my story, understanding my WHY, ensuring the message I want to convey gets across and so much more.”

Dr. Severine Bryan

Financial Coach for Women

“You not only took the absolute frustration out of building my website, but you did it in a way that I’m extremely proud to show off to my clients.”

Sarah Talbert


How It Works

Step 1: Brand Boost

The secret to creating a captivating website is strategy! Through your Brand Booast, I’ll put together a strategy to let that shine online.

Step 2: Launch

On the day of your intensive, we’ll meet to go over every detail of your brand and website, so you get a website you 100% love! 

Step 3: Grow Your Biz!

With a brand and website that show the world you mean business, you have everything you need to start confidently growing your business!

See What's Possible

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"Wait, I don't know if I have time or brain space to work on a website project right now."

That's the beauty of my process. You won't have to lift a finger!

I know your life is busy. 

You don’t have time to fill out never ending questionnaires or “workbooks” filled with ridiculous questions like what kind of magazines your ideal client reads.

That’s why I take care of everything for you. Yes, everything. 

We meet for about 90 minutes during your Brand Boost, and then I take care of everything else for you create your brand, write your copy, design your website, and connect your tech. 

That means you can keep your focus on your own zone of genius, without getting bogged down with the tech details that make your head spin. 


What Clients Say

“I am just blown away, not only with what she has done with my website, but the way that she just pulls out key little nuggets about you and your life and your business. “

Gina Alagata

Life & Business Coach

“If you are in that space where you want to show up for your clients in a way that’s really meaningful and authentic, Dara’s just a wonderful person to work with.”

Emily Rayburn

Enneagram Coach for Couples