Sev Talks Money

Too many single women find themselves in the prime of their lives but nowhere near where they thought they’d be financially. Dr. Severine Bryan helps other middle aged single women discover their own path to financial freedom. 



"She took the time to dig into my messaging"

When I decided to reach out to Dara, I had a website that was existing but not functional. It wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. I was not getting bookings, people would look at it but they would quickly bounce off the website.

My favorite part of working with Dara is the fact that she was very thorough. She took the time to dig into my messaging. How can I help the people that I am wanting to help? She spent a lot of time asking questions, letting me really think about what it is outside of just wanting a website, what it is, what is it that I wanted to convey to the people who came to my website.

I had one person the first day it was released told me one person told me that it was as if I spoke directly to her when she saw the website. So the message was conveyed!

Dr. Severine Bryan

Financial Coach for Single Women

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