2020 is YOUR Year to Grow Your VA Business

Learn how to find the time to grow your virtual assistant business... without taking away from time with your kids!

Hi, I’m Dara, a fulltime mom to 2 toddler girls and business owner. I’m also our family’s breadwinner… serving clients I love for the last 6 years without sacrificing time with my family. Oh, yeah, I help my husband run our nonprofit too while we travel fulltime 😉

Just a little busy around here.

I used to feel completely overwhelmed in my life & business, like I was always letting down either my family or clients. But over the last couple years, I have learned some amazing hacks about how to really make time to do it all. 

And my income has tripled in the process!

 I am going to spill all of my secrets during this FREE 5 day bootcamp!

Kicking Off January 13th!

This year you can EASILY make time for your business and family... and finally ditch the overwhelm! Let me show you how.

In this free bootcamp, you'll learn:

Ready to Have the Time to Grow Your Business with EASE, Even While Your Kids are Home with You?

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