Your brand's ready for a promotion!

Creating VIP websites that turn solopreneurs into CEOs

Normally getting a website designed for you is a long, frustrating process. ​

What if instead you could get a website you love
in just one day?

Straightforward Process

Follow a straightforward process that completely takes the stress out of getting a website.

Clear Communication

Have clear, prompt communication because my eyes are on just your business for the day!

Results You Love

Get the website you’ve been dreaming of before dinner is ready!

What Clients Say

“I’m excited because you took all the things in my crazy brain I said that day… which I’m always afraid never make sense coming out… and you did it. You figured it out. You knew what I was saying.”

Helen McCaffrey Birney

Health Coach

“You not only took the absolute frustration out of building my website, but you did it in a way that I’m extremely proud to show off to my clients.”

Sarah Talbert


Wait, can you really design a website in a day?

Yes! In just one day, I can design a 5 page custom WordPress website for you!

In fact for the last couple years, I’ve designed websites in a day for clients several times a week.

Need help writing your copy? We can add a second day and you can work with my copywriter to get that done too!

I know your life is busy.

You don’t have time to fill out never ending questionnaires or “workbooks” filled with ridiculous questions like what kind of magazines your ideal client reads.

Your business certainly doesn’t have time to wait WEEKS OR MONTHS for a new website.


Want to see what's possible in just one day?

Meet your designer

Hi, I’m Dara. I’ve been designing websites for longer than NCIS has been on the air… I know, that makes me a whole lot older than I look. 

Designing websites for clients used to take an eternity, with weeks of back and forth emails to get things just right. 

But one day I realized ain’t nobody got time for that.. so I treat my VIP clients to a streamlined process that lets me create a website they love before dinner is ready!

If you’re ready to get a website you’re proud to show your customers and clients, then let’s talk about if a VIP website is the right fit for you!

How It Works

Step 1: Boost Your Brand

The secret to creating a captivating website is strategy! During your Brand Boost, we’ll uncover your unique brand positioning and I’ll put together a strategy to let that shine online.

Step 2: Pick Your Day

Pick a day on my calendar when you can be virtually available to give feedback as I work on your website. You’ll pay a 50% deposit to secure your date.

Step 3: Love Your Site

On the day of your intensive, I’ll send you messages throughout the day to get your feedback so I can make sure you get a website you 100% love!

What's Included

Designer for One Day

For a full day, my time will be dedicated to designing you an incredible website and connecting all of your tech to it. 

Launch Party

I’ll create custom graphics for you so you can show your new website off to the world! It’s time to start getting those leads rolling in! 

30 Days of Support

Every new mama deserves a helping hand! So for 30 days AFTER your website launches, I’ll be available to answer any and all questions you might have about your new website.

Website Training

Not a techie? No problem! Your new website will come with training videos to walk you through how to update your website yourself!

Total Investment: $2000

*Cost of Brand Boost is applied towards your final project

Frequently Asked Questions

For FAAAR too long, I watched as projects would drag on for months and months… and months. The truth is my clients are BUSY (hence the name of my business 😉 ) and life would sometimes just get in the way. 

But when we set aside JUST ONE DAY and knock out an amazing website, it’s so much easier and less stressful for both of us. You get what your business needs to grow, without having the stress of making a thousand decisions in the middle of naptimes, school drop-offs, and soccer games. 

1. After an initial call to make sure we’re a good fit to work together, you’ll sign a contract and make your first payment to reserve a spot in my calendar. 

2. Brand Boost – During this 90 minute Zoom strategy session, we’ll knock out the strategy for your branding, copy, and website. I’ll get what I need to be able to hit the ground running on the day of your intensive

3. Design Day – I’ll tie your visual branding and copy together in a strategically designed website that’ll covert lookers into clients! You just need to be available to give feedback throughout the day via text or messenger app. I can usually design a 5-7 page website during a 1 day intensive. 

Oh, I’m so glad you asked! I partner with an INCREDIBLE copywriter to offer copywriting services for my clients that want help with the content for their website. Adding copy to your project just adds an additional day to the project – one day for copy, and one day for design! Make sure to let me know if you’d like more information about working with a copywriter. 

You’ll need to buy a domain on your own. I’m happy to make recommendations if you’d like.