3 Biggest Website Myths Revealed

It’s not your fault.

The myths about websites circulate around Facebook groups faster than a wildfire.

And, truth be told, web designers are probably the biggest culprits!

But I want to set the record straight fo you today, so you can stop falling for the lies that are hurting your business!

These 3 biggest website myths will change how you see websites! If you have an online business or are starting a business from home, you've got to read this post! #onlinebiz #marketing #webdesign

Myth #1 - You Need a Website to Start a Business

I put this one first because I want to fess up to the lie I believed and spread for the LONGEST time.

I used to be the web designer telling people that they HAD to have a website in order to have a business online. And you know the most ridiculous part? I didn’t have a website for the first THREE years of my business!

It’s true. And I did just fine!

But the truth is if you’re going to have an online business, you really need to have an online presence.

Why Being on Facebook Isn’t Enough 

You don’t want to depend on another platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Upwork for all of your clients. Because what if you get kicked off of those? Or what if they go under? Or what if the next big platform comes along and you have to start all over?

BUT getting a website isn’t the FIRST thing you need to do when starting a business.

I’ve worked with A LOT of women just starting their businesses. And creating their branding and websites is HARD!


They don’t know WHO they want to work with yet. Or they may think they do, but it’s super vague, like “small business owners” or “online entrepreneurs.”

And so they spend all this time and money to get a website that doesn’t appeal to anyone specifically.

And what doesn’t captivate anyone BORES everyone!

Don’t rush into getting a website before you’re crystal clear on who your ideal client is!

Myth #2 - You don't Need a Website to Start a Business

Okay, I know I just told you that you don’t need a website to START a business. But the truth is you do need a website to GROW a business.

Look, you can try to grow a 6 figure business without investing in a website. But you aren’t going to get very far- and you aren’t going to have lasting results.


Because we live in the Internet age and you’re running an online business!

How the Internet Changed Everything

Let’s say your business bestie tells you about this amazing new coach she just found. What’s the first thing you do?

Google her.

What about when your husband is convinced the actor in that movie was also in an episode of your favorite show? How do you prove him wrong?

Google it.

And when someone hears about your services and can’t find you on Google, they’re going to move on to the next person!

Can you grow a business via word of mouth marketing? Yes, with lots of time and effort.

Can you grow one by posting in Facebook groups? Sure, if you have days on end to waste.

But if you want to grow a business that LASTS, without wasting all of your kid’s childhood chained to your phone or laptop, then you need to have a website.

myth #3 - You Just Need to Have a Pretty Website

Don’t you love how easy it is to build a website now?

There’s thousands of GORGEOUS templates and themes out there, and page builders that let you build a site without having to learn how to code.

Just plugin your own colors, text, and photos, and you’re done! It makes it sooo easy to DIY a site or just get a VA build one for you.

But the downside is you miss out on all the strategy that actually converts visitors into clients.

A great website isn’t just about having a gorgeous design.

It takes so much more than putting your own words into a premade template.

You’ve got to have a site that creates an emotional connection with your ideal client! And that’s not something those other DIY options can do for you!

Designing a website that sells is about so much more than just popping your own words and images into a theme. It’s about having a brand that wows, copy that connects, and a strategic design that brings it all together.

Right now, you’re probably thinking “that sounds like it would take too much time to do myself,” and you’re right! It’s true that crafting a website that allows you to really grow your business can eat up all your time.

But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. You can get an amazing website that captivates your ideal clients AND skyrockets your income without taking away from time with your family. I want to help you do it! 

If you’re ready to book more clients with a strategically designed brand and website, check out Websites in a Box and then contact me!

Tell me, what website myth have you believed?

Starting a business from home? Do you really need a website? Find out in this post! #website #onlinebiz #businesstips

Do you really need a website to start an online business? If you're starting a coaching or VA business online, then you need to read this post! #coach #va #webdesign #wordpress

You won't believe the lies you've been told about getting a website for your business! These 3 myths about websites will blow your mind! #mombiz #website #branding

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