Warning: You’re Losing Clients By Not Doing This On Your Website

You bought a gorgeous theme, popped in your own words and images, and are SOOO in love with the results. 

I mean, after all that time and money you spent on your website, I would sure hope so!

But something’s wrong. It isn’t working like it should… you still aren’t booking any clients. 

All those “experts” told you to get a website and you’ll book clients. 

Why isn’t it working for you? 

Don’t worry, mama, it’s not your fault!

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Want to know the real secret?

Having a beautiful website isn’t enough to book out your services. 

It’s TRUE! Having a website alone isn’t enough.

You know how there’s a difference between those photos you snap all the time of your kids and the masterpieces your family photographer is able to capture?

I mean, how is she able to get photos that look so much better?

Or actually get kids to smile?

The truth is she has the skills and knows the strategy to get great photos.

She knows just what time of day has the perfect light. And just how to edit a photo so everyone is in the perfect spot in the picture.

If you want a website that does more than just look pretty, then you’ve got to get the skills and learn the strategy to create an amazing website.


Every website has 3 key pieces to it: visual branding (colors, fonts, images), copywriting (words), and the actual design.

The difference between a pretty website that does nothing for your business and a great website that books clients for you is the strategy behind those 3 things.

If you want a website that books clients for you, then you need to have a brand that captures the attention of your ideal client, words that appeal to the emotions of your ideal client, and a design that strategically brings it all together. 

Sound like a lot more work than just popping your words and images into a theme or template you like?

Well, that’s because it is!

If you’re serious about growing your online business, then you either need to learn the strategies on how to design a website that converts or hire a strategic web designer.

Here are 3 tips to hep you create a strategically designed website. 


The first thing you need to do is get people to your website. I know it’s crazy, but I talked to people at the time who are like, “Oh, I have this website. I paid all this money for website and nothing happening.”

How are you getting people to your website?

Just putting up a website isn’t enough for people to find you. That’s not the end all be all. You have to have a plan to get people to your website.

Here are some ideas on how to get people to your website:

  1. Learn about SEO and make sure you’re using current best practices on your website.
  2. Start a blog and add content regularly.
  3. Start using Pinterest to help drive traffic to your blog.
  4. Create a freebie or optin and advertise it on social media and in ads.
  5. Have a link to your freebie in your social media profiles.


So you have this beautiful website, you’ve spent time and/or money to get people to go there. And then what are you doing with them once they’re there? How are you converting them into clients?

Let’s say your website is like a first date. I really liked the first date analogy because you’re not spilling your guts on your website, you’re just getting people to know you.

What are you doing to get your visitors to get to know you more?

Blog posts and emails are ways for your visitors to get to know you more. They’re getting to like you, they’re getting to trust you, they’re seeing you as an expert and then they’re coming back to buy from you.

So you have to have a way to get them to your website and then you have to have something to do for them to do once they’re there, to get them to get to know you more.

Here are some ideas on how to continue to build a relationship with visitors:

  1. Have a popup for your optin or freebie on your website. 
  2. Have your optin somewhere on your homepage. It’s so important to not just use a popup for your optin. You want something permanent on your website so someone can always find it if they want to!
  3. Have your optin in the sidebar for your blog. Make a nice image in Canva, put it in your sidebar, and link it to your optin page. Easy, right?
  4. Have your optin throughout blog posts. (Notice a theme here?)
  5. Create a 5 part automation series for when someone joins your list so they can get to know you! (Want to see mine? Sign up here)
  6. Send regular emails to your list! Don’t just let those emails collect dust. Continue to build that relationship!


You can advertise your services all day – and be truly amazing at what you do! But if you don’t have a plan to convert visitors into clients, then people aren’t going to know how to sign up with you. 

Have you ever walked into a store and walked back out without buying anything because the process was too complicated? Maybe the line was too long or you couldn’t find anyone to help you. 

The truth is we all live super busy lives and don’t have time to waste. And in a saturated market, there’s always plenty of other options out there to buy something similar. 

What is your customer’s journey in your sales process?

You’ve got to have a clearly path for your visitors to take on your website so they can find out what they need in order to buy from you! And that needs to be a part of a planned out customer journey. 

One of my favorite things about Websites in a Box is the customer journey is already planned out on your website for you! This is seriously the easiest way to get a great website that will actually GROW your business!

Tell me- which of these 3 planning steps do you need to concentrate on?

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