The Optimistic Artistic Mystic

Social media can be exhausting, can’t it? Theresa Crann was looking for a place to connect with her audience OFF social media, while also giving her a place to showcase her many creative talents.



"Dara is amazing at what she does, you're not going to be disappointed."

I am just blown away, not only with what she has done with my website, but the way that she just pulls out key little nuggets about you and your life and your business. And she implements that into what she does. 

She’s super creative. She’s very talented. Dara is amazing at what she does, you’re not going to be disappointed. So don’t wait. You know get on a call with her and talk to her about what you’re looking for in your business. And let her do the work for you and pull up that magic on your website so that you can shine to the world.

Gina Alagata

Life and Business Coach for High Achieing Women

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