How to Change a Page Slug or Permalink with Elementor

Does this sound familiar? You create a new page or post using Elementor, spending tons of time making it look just right.

And then you go to share it with the world, only to realize the URL something ugly like is

Don’t worry, it’s a quick and easy fix! In this short video, I’ll show you how to fix it AND how to make sure it doesn’t happen again!

How to change a page slug or permalink with Elementor

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8 thoughts on “How to Change a Page Slug or Permalink with Elementor”

    1. Okay, it’s fixed.

      I downloaded a plugin and fixed all pages / posts at once.

      Permalink Manager Lite
      Advanced plugin that allows to set-up custom permalinks (bulk editors included), slugs and permastructures (WooCommerce compatible).

      Version 2.2.16 | By Maciej Bis

      1. Back to square one… all slugs are now changed without errors, but the Elementor menu won’t take me to the page (404 error) even though when you roll your mouse of the the menu link it shows the desired slug or path (examples …/about …/contact )

        Maybe the WordPress update to 5.9 created this problem

        “no Slug designation below the Permalink tab” (see first message in this thread)

        and Elementor programmers haven’t caught up yet.

    1. Hi Michael, I have the same problem.

      One question, once you do the fix:
      “go into WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks and choose the option:

      Post name http://[website]/sample-post/
      I assume this will change all old posts, in this case, all those ones will give a 404 code. was that your case?

  1. This did not work for me. I changed the Title in settings and I do not have a Permalink setting on the Dashboard. Just to make sure I did the page 15 times, same result each time.

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