7 EASY Ways to Optimize Your Thank You Page

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Are you trying to grow your email list? Are you making the most of your funnels? If you’re like most people, you have an opt in already on your website. You are giving out something amazing for free.

But when someone signs up, they go to a page that just says “thanks for subscribing, go check your inbox.” Friend, that’s a missed opportunity!

You have people at this prime spot when they’re super interested in what you have to offer. Today I’m going to share seven ways that you can optimize your thank you page in order to really capitalize on that traffic.

Email marketing tip | 7 ways to optimize your funnel's thank you page

#1 Add Links to Your Social Media

The first thing that you can do is just add your social media links. It’s super easy, but it gives people a way to connect with you beyond just their inbox.

Here are some ideas on what link to:

  • Free Facebook or LinkedIn group
  • Business Facebook or Instagram profile
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Pinterest account

That’s a quick and easy way to just give people an opportunity to connect with you at that moment when they’re the most interested in what you have to offer.

#2 – Show Your Latest Blog Posts

The second thing that you can pretty easily do to your thank you page is to show your latest blog posts. This can be auto updated so that only your newest blog posts show up on your thank you page. If you have a couple of posts that really highlight your services well, you can have those posts on your thank you page all of the time.

Links to a few blog posts on your thank you page give people the opportunity to spend more time on your website. You can even say something like, “Hey, while you’re waiting for that to arrive in your inbox, check out some of our best blog posts.”

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. But it’s just one more way to really capitalize on that thank you page.

#3 Ask a Question

The third thing that you can consider doing on your thank you page is ask a question. This is a great option for people who are in the market research phase of their business. You’re starting out, just getting to know your ideal client and your ideal audience. You’re trying to figure out how they word things so that you can word them the same way.

This is a quick and easy Copyhackers trick. All you need to do is put a form on that thank you page that says something like “hey, what made you interested in this today?” Not everybody will answer it, that’s fine. But you might get some great responses that will help you learn about the problems of your ideal clients.

Embed a Google form right on your thank you page, and then Google will store the responses for you to review whenever you want. Another option is to have a form that emails you directly every time you receive a response.

However you decide to do it, make sure to pay close attention to how exactly your visitors are wording their responses. It will be invaluable for you to have that research as you write your content.

Optimizing your thank you page is a funnel trick that is an easy way to grow your business online.
Optimizing your thank you page is a funnel trick that is an easy way to grow your business online.

#4 Have an Upsell

The fourth thing that you can do is have some kind of upsell. This is really popular, especially for bloggers. If you have a digital product that you could sell at a low cost, this is a great place to capitalize on it.

The theory behind the upsell is that people are super interested in you and your services at this time. If you can turn someone very quickly from a freebie seeker to a paid customer, then chances are down the line, you will also be able to turn them into a paid client.

Most upsells are a $7 to $27 product. I’d highly recommend using content that you already have, whether it’s in the form of a PDF, ebook, or mini video course. You just don’t want to create more work for yourself than you have to do!.

If you are running ads to your freebie, having an upsell is a great way to help you recoup some of that ad spend while also making the most of that time when people are so interested in you.

#5 Ask Them to Share

The fifth thing that you can do is ask them to share just have a button there. Once again, people are super interested in what you have to offer and they’re probably excited about it. They want to share with their friends and family.

Give them an easy way to do that with social share buttons right on your thank you page.

#6 Add a Short Video

The other thing that you can consider putting on your thank you page is a video. If you come across really well on video and that’s how people tend to connect with you, then consider recording a short video.

It doesn’t have to be long. A two to three minute video is perfect for your thank you page. Most people probably aren’t going to watch a full training on your thank you page.

A short video will allow visitors to connect with you better as an individual because they’re seeing and hearing you talk. It lets them feel like they are getting to know you more. The video could thank them for signing up, invite them to connect with you on social media, or use another call to action that I shared in this post.

Hint: Upload your video to YouTube as an unlisted video so it won’t be found in search results. Then you can embed that video right on your thank you page.

#7 Offer a Free Call

The last thing to consider putting on your thank you page is an offer for a free call. This is great if your freebie is something that as a little bit more strategic.

You can either embed your scheduler right on the page or use a button to redirect them to your link. Keep the call short (15 to 20 minutes) to make sure they don’t take advantage of you.

Remember that not everyone will sign up for a free call. That’s a good thing. You don’t every visitor signing up for a free call with you. But some people will, and that’s great.

This is a great option if you find it easier to explain to people face to face how you can help them.

Which Will You Choose?

Tell me in the comments below how you plan on making the most of that thank you page.

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