How to build an authentic brand in an Instagram wold

Ever feel like your reality feels way different than everyone else’s?

Scroll through your Instagram feed right now and I’d bet you’ll see photo after photo of perfectly dressed moms and little ones, happily smiling at the camera.

Adorable? Yes

Real? No

Listen, unless your child is going to perfectly sit in a corner all day and not eat or breathe, there is no way they’re going to look like perfect little models all of the time.

And unless you value sleep way less than I do, there’s no way that the stress and demands of mom life won’t give you at least a bad hair day now and again.

Far too may mom built businesses are portraying a false reality that can cause you to think there is something wrong with you if you aren’t careful.

Your audience isn’t looking for a veiled reality. They are looking for an authentic brand. And I bet you are, too!

Why Authentic Branding Matters

I love asking clients during a Brand Boost what words they want people to think of when they describe their brand.

Almost all of them say “authentic.”

And for good reason – 90% of consumers say authenticity is important when choosing which brands to like and support (Social Media Today).

That means that almost all of your potential clients are looking to connect with someone who can solve their problem AND is a real person.

They aren’t looking for someone putting on a professional facade. They are looking for YOU.

So you want to be authentic, and your audience NEEDS you to be authentic… how do you actually be authentic?

Be Real

Being real doesn’t mean you have to air your “dirty laundry” all over the Internet, or take pictures of yourself on your worst days.

But it does mean that you are being true to who you are.

What is important to you in your business? What do you value the most?

Those things help us uncover your real brand, the one that feels like putting on your favorite pair of jeans.

Discover who you are as a brand, and let that shine through in everything you do in your business.

Be Consistent

Ever met someone who seems to reinvent themselves every couple of years? My uncle is notorious for being super passionate about something… for a bit before moving on to something else.

Do that as a brand and you’re basically telling the world you don’t really know who you are yet.

Part of what people love about authentic brands is they always know what to expect.

Consistency is the quality or fact of same thing at different times. (Websters)

When your audience encounters you, are you saying the same types of things? Are you caring about the same things? Are you giving them the same impression and feelings?

Be consistent, and they’ll know they can trust you!

Be Yourself

“I feel like we could be best friends.”

Several clients have said that to me over the years, and it always makes me smile because that’s the feeling I want to create with my brand.

It’s taken me a long time to realize that I don’t have to try to be like anyone else to be successful in business. There’s no need to try to look or sound like someone else.

If you want an authentic brand, then you have to be yourself

Own your strengths. Show off your personality. And infuse what’s most important to you in everything that you do.

Authenticity Starts Here

Want to be authentic in an Instagram world? Discover who you really are.

You can’t be authentic until you know your true identity as a brand.

Want to uncover your true authentic brand? See if a Brand Boost is right for you!

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