Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Dangers of Inconsistent Marketing

Ever taken a break from social media? Or needed to step back from doing Facebook lives or sending emails? I definitely have been guilty from time to time.

When you’re a one woman show in your business, also raising a family and running a household, you only have so much time to get it all done. So sometimes marketing takes a backseat to the rest of your life and business.

As easy as it is to fall into this trap, there’s a real danger to being inconsistent with marketing your business.

Because when you’re out of sight for your audience, you’re also out of mind. That means when they have a need that you can help them with, they’ll hire someone else instead!

Inconsistent marketing is like flushing money down the toilet.

Why is consistency so important for your business?

Consistency Creates Awareness

Did you know that Coca-cola has been the best selling soda in the United States and around the world for decades? Their brand is a household name for billions of people.

Yet despite their success, Coca-cola still continues to advertise and market their products. To the tune of 4 billion dollars a year. Why?

Because consistency creates awareness.

The more you see a brand, the more you are aware of it. The more you’re aware of it, the more likely you are to buy from it!

When you’re consistently showing up for your audience and marketing your business, you’re ensuring that you stay at the top of your audience’s mind. When they need what you’re offering, they’ll turn to you!

Consistency Builds Trust

No one wants a friend who shows up one day and then ghosts them for weeks on end. Why? Because you can’t trust someone if you don’t know whether or not they’ll be there for you.

Your audience NEEDS to know that they can trust you. It’s a crucial first step before they’re willing to buy from you.

If you’re on social media one day and gone the next, you’re unintentionally sending the message that you aren’t trustworthy. And that will absolutely hurt your sales and business reputation.

Consistency Shows Commitment

We make commitments to the people and things in our lives that mean the most to us. They aren’t goals or resolutions; they’re commitments because they’re pre-decided that we’re going to make the time and effort for them.

If you’re asking people to make major investments in your services, they need to know that you’re committed to your business in the same way that you’re committed to your spouse and kids. No one wants to hire someone for $5k or $10k, and wonder if they’ll still be around in a year, doing the same thing that they’re doing now.

If you want to uplevel your brand and charge premium prices, then you have to prove your commitment to your clients and business with your consistency.

How to Be Consistent with Your Marketing

Want to be consistent with marketing your business? It really comes down to doing the same things on repeat.

  1. Have a consistent message
  2. Have consistent visuals
  3. Show up in the same places in the same way

Is that exciting? Nope, a lot of the time it isn’t. In fact sometimes it can feel boring to be honest.

But rinse, wash, repeat marketing is effective in building deep relationships of trust. And deep relationships of trust turn into more higher paying clients in the long run.

If you want to show up consistently, then you need to be secure in who you are as a brand first.

Did you ever go through a phase of trying to figure out what your personal style is? Your closet might have looked like a mismatch collection of clothes. But when you find out WHO you are and what you like, then it’s a whole lot easier to decide what is right for you and what isn’t.

The same is true for your branding. When you have a solid brand foundation, it’s easy to know what to say, where to say it, and what to look like.

Want to stop guessing on your brand so you can consistently show up for your audience and start booking higher paying clients? A Brand Boost might be perfect for you.

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